GODHEAD (TRINITY) (Teachings of Joseph Smith)

Godhead Is Three Different People Who Are One in Agreement — William P. McIntire (Circa February 16, 1841)

Joseph said Concerning the God-head it was Not as many imagined— three Heads & but one body; he said the three were separate bodys, God the first & Jesus the Mediator the 2d & the Holy Ghost & these three agree in one & this is the manner we should aproach God in order to get his blessings

Account of Meeting and Discourse, circa 16 February 1841, pp. 11-12, The Joseph Smith Papers.

Godhead Is Three Different Personages — Wilford Woodruff (June 11, 1843)

Their is much said concerning God the Godhead &c the scripture says their is Gods many & Lords many, the teachers of the day say that the father is God the Son is God & the Holy Ghost is God & that they are all in one body & one God Jesus says or prays that those that the fathar had given him out of the world might be made one in us as we, are one, but if they were to be stuffed in to one person they would make a great God, If I were to testify that the world was wrong on this point it would be true Peter says that Jesus Christ sat on the right hand of God any person that has seen the heavens opened knows that their is three personages in the heavens holding the keys of power

Discourse given on June 11, 1843. Wilford Woodruff, Discourse, 11 June 1843–A, as Reported by Wilford Woodruff, pp. 45-46, The Joseph Smith Papers.

Different Members of the Godhead — William P. McIntire (June 16, 1844)

. . . he comenced By Reading Rev. 1st & 6 verse— “and hath made us kings & preists unto God & his father &c He then prceeded to show the plurality of Gods By Refering to the 1st Jen.— Genesis as in the origanel Hebrew— that it Read that in the Begining the Head Gods organized the Earth & the heavens &—c and that God was a distinct in of himself & the Son also was a distinct personage But in the image of the Father— and that the Holly Ghost was a personge of spirit without a Tabernicle— he quoted the 17th. of st John 20, 21, 22, 23 that the apostles & the Desciples may all agree in one— or be agreed in the one princepal as thou father & me are agreed—— Jesus said that all things that He saw the father do he did— and also the 82 psalm 1st verse God standith in the Congragations of the Mighty; he Judgeth among the Gods

Discourse, 16 June 1844–A, as Reported by William McIntire, p. 21, The Joseph Smith Papers.
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