GIVING (Teachings of Joseph Smith)

Desire to Be Blessed with Prosperity to Pay Debts & to Give to the Poor — Joseph Smith (September 22, 1835)

My heart is full of desire to day, to be blessed of the God, of Abraham; with prosperity, untill I will be able to pay all my de[b]ts; for it is the delight of my soul to be honest. Oh Lord that thou knowes right well! help me and I will give to the poor.

Journal, 1835–1836, p. 1, The Joseph Smith Papers.

Rich Cursed Unless They Give to Poor — Wilford Woodruff (June 18, 1842)

He also prophesied in the Name of the Lord Concerning the merchants in the City that if they with the rich did not open their hearts & contribute to the poor that they would be cursed by the hand of God & be cut off from the land of the living . . .

Discourse, 18 June 1842, p. 154, The Joseph Smith Papers.

Feeding the Hungry to Prevent Stealing — Willard Richards (October 15, 1843)

I never stole the value of a pins head or a picayune in my life. & when you are hungry dont steal.— come to me & I will feed you.

Discourse, 15 October 1843, as Reported by Willard Richards, p. 134, The Joseph Smith Papers.
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