GATHERING OF ISRAEL (Teachings of Joseph Smith)

Jews Cursed Because They Were Not Gathered — Willard Richards (June 11, 1843)

O. Jerusalem &c. [Matthew 23:37]— whence arises the curse of Almighty God that was to be pourd out upon the heads of the jews? That they would not be gathered! because they would not let Christ gather them. It was the design in the councils of heaven before the world was. that the principle & law of that priesthood was predicated upon the gathering of the people in every age of the world.

Jesus did every thing possible to gather the people. & they would not be gathered and he poured out curses upon them

Discourse, 11 June 1843–A, as Reported by Willard Richards, pp. 241-242, The Joseph Smith Papers.

Neccessity of Gathering Israel & Building the Temple — Eliza R. Snow (June 11, 1843)

Last sunday I had the privilege of attending meeting and in the forenoon listening to a very interesting discourse by Prest. J. Smith He took for his subject the words of the Savior to wit. “O Jerusalem thou that killest the prophets and stonest them that are sent unto you! How oft would I have gathered you as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings and you would not!” He beautifully and in a most powerful manner, illustrated the necessity of the gathering and the building of the Temple that those ordinances may be administered which are necessary preparations for the world to come: he exhorted the people in impressive terms to be diligent— to be up and doing lest the tabernacle pass over to another people and we lose the blessings.

Discourse, 11 June 1843–A, as Reported by Eliza R. Snow, pp. 34-35, The Joseph Smith Papers.
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