FRIENDSHIP (Teachings of Joseph Smith)

Self-Defense for Yourself or a Friend Is Different than Vengeance — William P. McIntire (March 2, 1841)

Joseph [Smith] said there was a diferance Between the vengeance that Belongeth to the Lord, & a man Defending himself or friend

Discourse, circa 2 March 1841, p. 13, The Joseph Smith Papers.

A Benevolent Rich Friend Will Receive Help in Times of Hardship — William P. McIntire (March 2, 1841)

. . . must Lavish his Goods on all around him & out of them he will find freinds in the hour of Distress for those that have been made Ritch By the Benevalance of their Rich friend of them there will be some that will do you Good in affliction

Discourse, circa 2 March 1841, p. 13, The Joseph Smith Papers.

One of the Greatest Blessings to Have Brethren & Friends During Afflictions — Willard Richards (April 16, 1843)

I would esteem it one of the greatest blessings, if I am to be afflicted in this world, to have my lot cast where I can find brethen & friends all arou[n]d me.

Discourse, 16 April 1843, as Reported by Willard Richards, p. 140, The Joseph Smith Papers.

Build Friendship and Common Ground in Belief in Jesus Christ — Willard Richards (July 9, 1843)

Do you believe in Jesus christ &c? So do I. christians should cultivate the friendship of each other. & will do it.

Discourse, 9 July 1843, as Reported by Willard Richards, p. 303, The Joseph Smith Papers.

Friendship Is the Grand Fundamental Principle of Mormonism — Willard Richards (July 23, 1843)

let me be resurrected with the saints whethr to heaven or helll or any other good place—

good society. what do we care if the society is good?——

dont care what a character is if he’s my friend.—— a friend a true friend. & I will be a friend to him friendship is the grand fundamental principle of Mormonism.

to revolutin civilize the world.— pour forth love.

fredship like Bro Tulys Blacksmith shop.— I do not dwell upon your faults. you shall not upon mine— after you have covered up all the faults among you— the prettyest thing is have no faults at all— meek. quiet. &c—

Discourse, 23 July 1843, as Reported by Willard Richards, pp. 13-14, The Joseph Smith Papers.

Joseph Smith’s Desire for the Friendship of His Brethren — Unidentified Scribe (May 26, 1844)

When I love the poor— I ask no favors of the rich— I can go to the cross, I can lay down my life, but don’t forsake me. I want the friendship of my brethren

Discourse, 26 May 1844, as Compiled by Leo Hawkins, p. 7, The Joseph Smith Papers.
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