ELECTION (Teachings of Joseph Smith)

God Elects Individuals to Good or Bad Positions Based on Who They Choose to Be — Times & Seasons (May 16, 1841)

Why did God say to Pharoah, “for this cause have I raised thee up?”  Because Pharoah was a fit instrument — a wicked man, and had committed acts of cruelty of the most atrocious nature.

The election of the promised seed still continues, and in the last days, they shall have the priesthood restored unto them, and they shall be the “Saviors on mount Zion”  the “ministers of our God,” if it were not for the remnant which was left, then might we be as Sodom and as Gomorah.

The whole of the chapter had reference to the priesthood and the house of Israel; and unconditional election of individuals to eternal life was not taught by the apostles.

God did elect or predestinate, that all those who would be saved, should be saved in Christ Jesus, and through obedience to the gospel; but he passes over no man’s sins, but visits them with correction, and if his children will not repent of their sins, he will discard them.

Discourse, 16 May 1841, as Published in Times and Seasons, p. 430, The Joseph Smith Papers.

Scriptural Explanation of Romans 9 — William Clayton (May 16, 1841)

Romans 9— all election that can be found in the scripture is according to the flesh and pertaining to the priesthood.

Discourse, 16 May 1841, as Reported by William Clayton, p. 10, The Joseph Smith Papers.

The Abrahamic Covenant in Connection to Election — Times & Seasons (May 16, 1841)

The speaker then spoke on the subject of election, and read the 9th chap, in Romans, from which it was evident that the election there spoken of was pertaining to the flesh, and had reference to the seed of Abraham, according to the promise God made to Abraham, saying, “In thee and in thy seed all, the families of the earth shall be blessed.”  To them belonged the adoption, and the covenants &c.  Paul said, when he saw their unbelief I wish myself accursed- according to the flesh — not according to the spirit.

Discourse, 16 May 1841, as Published in Times and Seasons, p. 430, The Joseph Smith Papers.

Elect Means to Be Elected to a Certain Work — Joseph Smith’s Journal (March 17, 1842)

I gave much instruction. read in the New Testament & Book of Doctrine & Covenants. concerning the Elect Lady. & Shewed that Elect meant to be Elected to a certain work &c, & that the revelation was then fulfilled by Sister Emma’s Election to the Presidency of the Society, she having previously been ordained to expound the Scriptures. her councillors were ordaind by Elder John Taylor. & Emma was Blessed by the same.

Journal, December 1841–December 1842, p. 91, The Joseph Smith Papers.
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