DOCTRINE (Teachings of Joseph Smith)

Power from Doctrine, Not from Compulsion — Wilford Woodruff (March 24, 1844)

In relation to the power over the minds of the mankind which I hold, I would say it is in consequence of the power of truth in the doctrins which I have been an instrument in the hands of God of presenting unto them & not because of any compulsion on my part I will ask if I ever got any of it unfair If I have not reproved you in the gate, I ask did I ever exercise any compulsion over any man. did I not give him the liberty of disbelieveing any doctrin I have preached if he saw fit, why do not my enemies strike a blow at the doctrin, they cannot do it it is truth . . .

Discourse given on March 24, 1844. Wilford Woodruff, Discourse, 24 March 1844–B, as Reported by Wilford Woodruff, pp. 217-218, The Joseph Smith Papers.
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