DAVID, KING (Teachings of Joseph Smith)

King David in Hell Because of Murder — William P. McIntire (January 12, 1841)

in the Eternal Judgment there is many things to know & to under stand in Gods Judging for instance Peter said Davidd had not yet ascend to heaven & that he was a Murderer— & that his soul was in Hell is plainly told By Peter in acts— 2d. ch Petter shews plainer t in the 3d of acts that a Murderer could Not be Redmed intill he would send Jesus Christ which before was preached unto you &c— that is that faith Repentance & Baptism would not save them untill the ware scourged in hell or paid the Last farthing.

Account of Meeting, 12 January 1841, as Reported by William P. McIntire, pp. 6-7, The Joseph Smith Papers.

David Unressurected at Time of Christ Because of Murder — Times & Seasons (May 16, 1841)

The time of redemption here had reference to the time, when Christ should come; then and not till then would their sins be blotted out. Why? Because they were murderers, and no murderer hath eternal life. Even David, must wait for those times of refreshing, before he can come forth and his sins be blotted out; for Peter speaking of him says, “David hath not yet ascended into Heaven, for his sepulchre is with us to this day:’ his remains were then in the tomb. Now we read that many bodies of the saints arose, at Christ’s resurrection, probably all the saints, but it seems that David did not. Why? because he had been a murderer.

If the ministers of religion had a proper understanding of the doctrine of eternal judgment, they would not be found attending the man who had forfeited his life to the injured laws of his country by shedding innocent blood; for such characters cannot be forgiven, until they have paid the last farthing. The prayers of all the ministers in the world could never close the gates of hell against a murderer.

Discourse, 16 May 1841, as Published in Times and Seasons, p. 430, The Joseph Smith Papers; italics in original.

David Unable to Obtain Spirit of Elijah or Fulness of the Priesthood Because of Murder — Wilford Woodruff (March 10, 1844)

. . . one that sheds innocent Blood cannot have forgiveness, David sought repentance at the hand of God carefully with tears but he could ownly get it through Hell, he got a promise that his soul should not be left in Hell, Although David was a king he never did obtain the spirit & power of Elijah & the fulness of the Priesthood, & the priesthood that he received & the throne & kingdom of David is to be taken from him & given to another by the name of David in the last days raised up out of his linage

Discourse, 10 March 1844, as Reported by Wilford Woodruff, p. 210, The Joseph Smith Papers.

David Unable to Obtain Celestial Glory — Franklin D. Richards (March 10, 1844)

there are two sins agains which this power does not secure or prevail they are “The sin against the Holy Ghost” And “shedding of innocent Blood” which is equivelant to “crucifying the son of God afresh & putting him to an open shame” Those who do these it is impossible to renew unto repentance for they are delivered to the buffettings of satan untill the day of redemptions

illustrated the case of David said he could not obtain celestial Glory and the reason why he had any hope or obtained a Promise that of his seed one should be raised up to reign over Israel forever was because that he had not spoken against the spirit & because he had not done this he was renewed unto repentance and obtained promse that God would not leave his soul in Hell

Discourse, 10 March 1844, as Reported by Franklin D. Richards, pp. 33-34, The Joseph Smith Papers.
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