COWDERY, OLIVER (Teachings of Joseph Smith)  

Oliver Cowdery to Forsake Evil and Keep the Commandments — Joseph Smith Jr.’s Book for Record (December 18, 1833)

blessed of the Lord is bro Oliver nevertheless there are are two evils in him that he must needs forsake or he cannot altogeth escape the buffettings of the advers[ar]y if he shall forsak these evils he shall be forgiven and shall be made like unto the bow which the Lord hath set in the heavens he shall be a sign and an ensign unto the nations behold he is blessed of the Lord for his constancy and steadfastness in the work of the Lord wherefore he shall be blessed in his generation and they shall never be cut off and he shall be helped out of many troubles and if he keep the commandmend ​commandments​ and harken unto the ​council of the​ Lord his and his rest shall be glorious.

Journal, 1832-1834, pp. 31-33, The Joseph Smith Papers.

Oliver Cowdery in Transgression — Scriptory Book of Joseph Smith Jr. (September 1837)

Oliver Cowdery has been in transgression, but as he is now chosen as one of the Presidents or councilors I trust that he will yet humble himself & magnify his calling but if he should not, the church will soon be under the necessaty of raising their hands against him Therefore pray for him . . .

Journal, March-September 1838, p. 22, The Joseph Smith Papers.
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