COVENANT (Teachings of Joseph Smith)

Covenants Must Be Made in View of Eternity — Franklin D. Richards (May 21, 1843)

Our covenants here are of no force one with another except made in view view of eternity.

Discourse, 21 May 1843, as Reported by Franklin D. Richards, p. 20, The Joseph Smith Papers.

Covenant Sealing on Forehead in Rev 7:3 Explained — Franklin D. Richards (August 13, 1843)

What is the seal spoken of in Rev 7— 3 find it out if you can I will not reveal it now but will drop an idea that I have never revealed concerning Election connected with the sealing of the servants of God in the fore or top of the head Judge Higbee would say that covenants either there or here must be made in view of eternity and that covenant sealed on the foreheads of the Parents secured the children from falling that they shall all sit upon thrones as one with the God-head Joint Heirs of God with Jesus Christ This principle is revealed also through the covenant of Abraham and his children This is also the blessing and consolation of the mourners

Discourse, 13 August 1843-A, as Reported by Franklin D. Richards, pp. 29-30, The Joseph Smith Papers; brackets in original
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