ATONEMENT OF JESUS CHRIST (Teachings of Joseph Smith)

Christ Redeems Men from Sins (February 5, 1840)

I believe in the Divinity of Jesus Christ, and that he died for the sins of all men, who in Adam had fallen

He then entered into some details, the result of which tended to shew his total unbelief of what is termed Original Sin. He believes that it is washed away by the blood of Christ, and that it no longer Exists. As a necessary consequence, he believes that we are all born pure and undefiled. That all children dying at an Early [age] (say eight years) not knowing good from ill, were incapable of sinning; and that all such assuredly go to Heaven.

I believe, said he, that a man is a moral, responsible, free agent, that although it was fore-ordained he should fall and be redeemed; yet after the redemption it was not fore-ordained that he should again sin.

Discourse, 5 February 1840, p. 1-2, The Joseph Smith Papers.
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