Stories in the Wilderness

“Stories from Christians all over the world who have faced seasons of trial and persecution for their faith. Hear the stories, grow in prayer and draw nearer to God.” (24-7 Prayer)

Bob Fu, Chinese persecuted Christian

Bob Fu was a student leader in the Tiananmen Square protests. An encounter with God saved him and others from unimaginable violence and took him on an extraordinary journey from prison to the corridors of power, speaking for religious freedom.[amazon_link asins=’0801017068,082546207X,B07629185W’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’ziontube-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’af2ccd8e-f61e-11e7-a7bb-f1ad69c5fb4e’]


Ladan, Imprisoned in Iran for faith


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Ladan was subjected to interrogation and solitary confinement in Iran because of her faith in Jesus. Moved by an insatiable thirst for the bible, she stole a pen from her interrogator and began writing passages of scripture on her cell wall. Ladan’s story is an amazing challenge and encouragement to treasure and depend upon the word of God.

Carlos Lamelas, Imprisoned in Cuba for faith

Carlos Lamelas was imprisoned for four months on false charges of ‘human trafficking’. His actual ‘crime’ was to call for greater religious freedom in Cuba. Although prison was


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Rev. Omar was a prominent church leader in Cuba, who spent three brutal years in prison. Suffering daily physical and mental torture, Omar found that as he hit his lowest point, God met with him in an incredible way.

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