Seventh Dispensation: Fulness of Times or Joseph Smith

John Taylor

“We are living, as I said, in “the dispensation of the fulness of times,” when God will gather together all things in one, whether they be things on the earth or things in the heavens, whether they appertain to Adam, or Seth, or Enos, or Mahalaleel, or Methuselah, or Noah, or Abraham, or Isaac, or Jacob, or the Prophets, or Jesus, or the people that have lived in the different ages who have possessed the Gospel of the Son of God; people on this continent or any other continent. They are all interested in this work. All heaven is engaged in carrying out the work that we are engaged in to day. They are looking upon us and watching our acts, and are interested in this great work. And God will say, today, as he did in former times: ‘Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.’ And I say woe to them that lift their hands against the anointed of God, for God will be after them. We have a work to perform. We have to build up the Church and kingdom of God, and to see that the principles of purity and the law of God are enforced.” 1

  1. John Taylor, “Truth Always the Same”, Journal of Discourses, vol. 24, pp. 259-270, June 24th, 1883.
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