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Somewhat fictionalized account of the life and war service of Alvin York, who went from humble beginnings to being one of the most celebrated American servicemen to fight in World War I. As depicted in the film, Alvin turned to religion when he was struck by lightning during one of his drunken outings. Alvin took his newfound religion seriously claiming to be a conscientious objector when receiving his draft notice. When that was refused, he joined the infantry where he served with valor, capturing a large number of Germans and saving the lives of many of his men who were under heavy fire. (Description by IMDB)

Clip from Sergeant York

Clip: In the Army Now

Clip: Render Unto Ceaser

Clip: Over the Top (Battle Scene)

Runtime: 134 min

Release: 1941

Cast: Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan, Joan Leslie

Director: Howard Hawks

Writer: Abem Finkel, Harry Chandlee

One thought to “Sergeant York (1941)”

  • Julie

    This is a great movie and it is an amazing, and remarkable true story! The first hour of the movie is based in Alvin York’s hometown and he tries to get a plot of land and he turns into a religious person, which he learns that killing is a bad thing. Around the middle of the film, York becomes a soldier and he wins the medal of honor for capturing 132 germans in the battle of Argonne. The battle scene is brilliant because the explosions look very realistic and it gives you an idea of how terrible the war was. I did not think I would like this movie, but it has now become one of our movies to purchase. I highly recommend this movie.


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