Sakharov (1984)

This biographical film on Russian physicist & dissident Andrei Sakharov focuses on his first acts in his civil rights movement to his receiving the Nobel Peace prize.

Sakharov’s actions first caused him to lose a senior party position, then half his salary, in addition to interrogation and pressure from the KGB, and finally completely being dismissed from his job and exiled to Gorky, an industrial city.

Andrei Sakharov (Jason Robards) is an acclaimed nuclear physicist living in Moscow. Though he leads the development of Russia’s hydrogen bomb, Andrei becomes politically disillusioned as tensions between the U.S.S.R. and the United States continue to rise. He willfully jeopardizes his career by speaking out against his government’s oppression of the Russian people, and is eventually demoted. Unfazed, Andrei publishes essays critical of the Soviet government, and is exiled to a small city.

Description Source: IMDB

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