Restoration Day

Join us in celebrating the Restoration on July 24th! If you are striving to live higher standards and forsake the “Babylonian” culture of our time, this event is for you. This “Restoration Day” will feature classes and discussions on a variety of Zion related topics, opportunities to mingle and network with like-minded families and even a wholesome, family dance.

Featuring discussions, classes and other activities on:

  • Living the complete word of wisdom
  • Restoring the Patriarchal order and multi-generational families
  • Sustaining priesthood keys during a period of division
  • Rock versus music
  • “Latter-day Courtship” and practical, realistic principles and application
  • Provident living and building a family centered economy
  • Developing a knowledge of and appreciation for Joseph Smith & his teachings
  • Joseph Smith’s principles of education
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ versus deceptive alternatives
  • Wholesome, uplifting dance

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