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Growing up, our family never watched a movie without my parents pausing it all the way through to discuss the storyline, characters, underlying messages, etc. Based on my own experience in the film industry, I can promise that every split second is carefully crafted for HOURS to influence the viewer to feel and think what the producers want. The coloring, the music, the visuals, the sound effects (or lack of), the camera angles, the sequence, it is all minutely planned for good or for ill. Rarely, if ever, does one realize the full effect it is having.

Our Philosophy on Movies: Principles for analyzing film –

ZionTube: Contrary to what I’ve heard, 😀 there are good movies to watch. That is why the Joseph Smith Foundation started ZionTube. Don’t waste time watching or even analyzing the bad. Flood your mind with the best that can be found! Always watching with the brain turned on, because even the “best” be improved.

Movie Ratings: Is the movie rating system undermining the values in your home? This is why I wouldn’t recommend using movie ratings . . .

Hollywood’s Most Despised Villain: This lecture by Geoff Botkin is a fascinating “eye-opener” when it comes to analyzing films/media.

As with everything, raising the standard of media is not just about eliminating. It is about replacing with good and assisting to build a new, fresh, clean and uplifting culture for the true King, Jesus Christ.

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