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This work is the sum of over four years of nearly continuous research into possible DNA connections between the Native American peoples, and the prophesied “remnant” of the house of Israel as contained in the Book of Mormon. You will find scriptural, historical and scientific material combined in a synergistic way that may offer support to some of the physical claims of the Book of Mormon. Many tens of thousands of Latter-day Saints have now seen portions of this information, either through a four hour DVD or at live presentations around the country. Many scholars and historians support this research and its findings, with many more anticipated as this information continues to gain momentum and change “accepted” paradigms. It is also acknowledged that there are many scholars that do not support this research.

It is a rather technical book because it addresses a subject with a high level of scientific contribution. A substantial number of direct quotes from peer reviewed scientific journals are incorporated and an attempt has been made to explain them to well-educated non-scientists. It is written in a way that maintains scientitlc accuracy but is readable and understandable.

The subject of DNA and the Book of Mormon, while a currently popular topic, is still rather poorly understood among Latter-day Saints and nonmembers alike. It is hoped that this exciting new information leads to insights that provide support for the historic reality of the Book of Mormon. Certain portions of this research may be considered by some to be of a controversial nature. In the author’s view this work is not controversial, but rather scriptural, historical and scientific. The desire is to present this new research in a non-confrontational, Christ-like manner, while offering significant evidence that may challenge some long held, yet unsanctioned, beliefs about the geography of the Book of Mormon.

While the information must address questions and possible objections to this research, the intent is to do so in a Christ-like, respectful manner, yet as authoritatively and factually as possible. This information will be a powerful tool in helping to establish a new paradigm in the LDS community regarding the geography of the Book of Mormon.

Though the author’s professional research activities have not been specifically focused in the area of genetics, this paper does not rely on an appeal to personal authority, but provides detailed documentation in peer reviewed scientific journals that readers can examine for themselves.

The quotes and scriptures in this article are sometimes rather lengthy. This was done so that the reader could understand the quote in context without overstepping the boundaries of copyright. The majority of the journal articles are in journals that are difficult or expensive for normal readers to access, making it difficult to verify the quotes for most people. I encourage readers to check up and verify the validity of the quotes.

2 thoughts to “Rediscovering the Book of Mormon Remnant Through DNA

  • Walter Buller

    I haven’t yet read this book. I plan to do so soon. However, it seems to me that the author has no choice but to begin from a standpoint of a deficit in credibility concerning the author of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith. And after all, the first editions of the BOM did in fact list Joseph as the author. What I am referring to is the fact that everything else that Joseph Smith claimed to interpret, i.e., the Kinderhook Plates, and the Book of Abraham, have both been proven to be utter nonsense, with his so called interpretations later being shown to have nothing whatever to do with the actual texts. Therefore, it seems to me that in order to overcome this deficit in credibility, it is necessary to prove beyond any doubt that DNA studies are conclusive in explaining the Hebrew origins of native Americans and Polynesians.This is in fact the exact opposite and very definite discovery of the scientists doing the DNA research, even those at BYU, who have conclusively proven that native Americans and Polynesians came from East Asia, around Siberia, not the Middle East. Yet according to what I read here in the synopsis of this book, it only offers the reader a “possible” explanation of a connection between these people and the BOM. I can’t help but find that very weak, not at all impressive. Does anyone have any definite proof from any source that Joseph Smith ever actually interpreted ANYTHING? Or did he just make it all up as he went along, using his prodigious ability to tell a story as testified by his Mother and as proven by B.H. Roberts?

    • willia aviz silva

      In first, Joseph Smith is not the author of the book of Mormon.
      He translated it only.


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