“Holiness to the Lord” wood placard for Shekinah

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Here is how the ‘Holiness to the Lord’ placards our son thought might help families with celebrating Shekinah turned out. We have decided to display ours year-round in our entry, and are still trying to decide if we want to paint it or not. Someone mentioned that they would make nice Christmas gifts, and I agree.

As for raising the bar, several years ago my sons were struggling with getting new step-siblings at their other home, and they bought themselves a ‘keep-out’ sign to display on their room there. Somehow it ended up here, and got put in their closet. When I would see it, I would mention that I didn’t like the idea of a keep-out sign in our home. This morning one of my sons found it, and I asked if we could throw it away. He agreed, but joked that it could be a sign for the adversary. I mentioned that the adversary doesn’t honor requests, and that our new ‘Holiness to the Lord’ placard would work better for that purpose.

I am loving the idea of adding more LIGHT to our home and our lives, regardless of the time of year, and have even begun wanting to create a ‘lighter’ feel to our home in general (more like the Temple). We’re gradually decluttering, repainting some things white, throwing out things that might not be quite in accordance with our beliefs or are not adding to the spirit we want to exist, and generally creating more ‘holy space’ in our home. It’s been so interesting to me how even the little things are making a noticeable difference. Whenever we replace any thing, thought, feeling, habit, or ANYTHING at all, it creates space for something better when we intentionally seek to fill that space.

If anyone would like to order one in any size (24″ x 18″ is the largest), comment below and we will send you information on how to purchase one.

Update! December 6, 2019

Here’s a fun thing for those who have liked the ‘Holiness to the Lord’ placards. I asked our neighbors if they could make a miniature one for us to send to our daughter on her mission. They ended up making it ornament-sized, and added a hole on the very top so that they can be hung. So, we added white ribbon (I think gold would look nice too), and we’re considering this a Hanukkah ornament. Now we want to give them to all our family since they’re only $3 each.

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