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Prophecies & Promises. This is disk 1 of the new ‘Book of Mormon Evidence’ 5 DVD series by Rod Meldrum and the Firm Foundation. Disk 1 is titled Prophecies and Promises, which provides in depth analysis on the 36 prophecies within the text of the Book of Mormon that clearly identify the United States of America as its New World Promised Land.

Part 1

Part one outlines the current method for conducting Book of Mormon geography research, who established it and evidence that it is not working well.

Part 2

Part two outlines a new, more robust method for conducting Book of Mormon geography research based not on speculation, but revelation through the 36 prophecies in its text and the Prophet Joseph Smiths statements, together with physical evidences and geographical clues from the text.

Part 3

Part three discusses the two Promised Lands prophesied in scripture to be Jerusalem and New Jerusalem, the latter being upon the same lands as where the Book of Mormon history occurred.

Part 4

Part four looks at the prophecies relating to a new nation what would be established in the latter days and those relating to “the Gentiles” who would be found on this same land.

Part 5

Part five talks of the prophecies concerning this new nation and Native American influence in its establishment. The inspired Constitution of the United States is justified by the Lord.

Part 6

Part six gives a listing of the 36 specific prophecies in the Book of Mormon that clearly identify its promised land and thereby the lands upon which its history occurred, as the United States of America.

Part 7

Part seven shows that the United States of America is the ONLY latter-day Gentile nation that can and does qualify to be the Book of Mormon’s Promised Land. This includes a video overview of the DVD series and educational travel opportunities in the Heartland of America.

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