Patterns of Intelligence

Author: R. Webster Kehr

Length: approx. 261 pgs

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This book is in two distinct parts. The first part of this book, Chapters 1 through 6, is a demonstration that the religious doctrines of the theory of evolution, as taught today by the scientific establishment, are the exact opposite of the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (i.e. the LDS church or Mormon church).

The rest of this book is on the scientific debate between the “creationists” or “creation scientists” (i.e. those who believe God created the earth and Adam and Eve) versus the “evolutionists” (i.e. those who believe there is no God and that Adam and Eve never existed and that all humans are descended from a “first living cell”).

In general, the first part of this book is on the religious doctrines of evolution and the rest of this book is about the scientific issues of evolution.

The reader might think that the theory of evolution today has been scientifically validated. Nothing could be further from the truth. With the discovery of DNA in 1953, by Watson and Crick, the theory of evolution instantly became scientific nonsense, as this book will demonstrate.

As one example, to think that the highly sophisticated DNA of an existing species could randomly mutate into the DNA of an even more sophisticated species is totally absurd. It is as absurd as saying that a person could take a country music CD and randomly modify its “bits” and end up with a new Rachmaninoff piano concerto or anything else that is entertaining or useful.

Yet, evolutionist’s claim that millions of times on this earth; random mutations to existing, highly sophisticated DNA, accidentally created even more sophisticated DNA!! This is mathematical nonsense!!

Much more will be said about this, and other issues, in the second part of this
R. Webster Kehr
Kansas City
May, 2013

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