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Answering the “Letter to a CES Director” Introduction Polygamy/Polyandry Adam-God Translation of the Book of Mormon Finding Answers Educating Zion series Focus OUT, Not In – “Feed My Sheep” (Webinar 3-20-2016)

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LDS Answers promotes, markets and distributes material that strengthens faith in Jesus Christ and supports the Restoration. Members of our coordinating foundation contribute to a variety of topics and disciplines

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FAQs The Joseph Smith Foundation FAQs are a compilation of prophets statements and scripture on some of the most vital questions of our day. The compilation seeks to let the

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The Internet is filled with information, some is critical to understand, most is not essential and the balance is very destructive. Of the critical information, that which is most often

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Ezra Taft Benson As a nation, we have become self-sufficient. This has given birth to a new religion in America which some have called secularism. This is a view of

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About the Foundation

Remaining True to the Restoration Joseph Smith Foundation is an organization focused on supporting and contributing to projects founded in the words of Jesus Christ. Our motto is “Vision in Light

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Restoration Day

Join us in celebrating the Restoration on July 24th! If you are striving to live higher standards and forsake the “Babylonian” culture of our time, this event is for you. This

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Amusements and Fashions

Chapter 17 from Gospel Doctrine by President Joseph F. Smith YOUTH SHOULD LOOK FORWARD. Our youth should not be left to spend their time almost entirely in the mad whirl

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