Open Doors: Serving Persecuted Christians Worldwide

Open Doors is an international ministry serving persecuted Christians worldwide. Today, millions of Christians around the world experience discrimination, imprisonment, torture and even martyrdom — simply because they follow Jesus. Working with Christians on the frontline, Open Doors provides Bibles, leadership training, literacy programs, livelihood support and advocacy services for believers who suffer for their faith.

World Watch List

Each year, Open Doors releases the World Watch List, an annual look at the 50 places where following Jesus costs the most. This year, join David Curry as he takes into the story behind some of the numbers, and looks how pressure changes the Church. Join Open Doors as we care for our persecuted brothers and sisters—because we are all one Church, one Family.

Stories of Christian Persecution | China’s Revival

In this video, produced by Open Doors Australia, we learn about the growth of the Church in China and how prayer was, and continues to be, a foundational element of this great and ongoing revival despite the persecution of Christians.

Stories of Christian Persecution | Fatima of Saudi Arabia

Created by Open Doors Australia, we learn the encouraging and heartbreaking story of Fatima from Saudi Arabia.

Stories of Christian Persecution | Iraq’s Refugees

This video gives us a glimpse of the shattered lives of persecuted Iraqi Christians who have been displaced by the violence and terrorism in their homeland. Many Christians have had to move to other countries in order to feel safe and secure.

Stories of Christian Persecution | Susan in Uganda

How much value do you give the name of Jesus? There is no other name greater. One name that unites us as a global family saved through his blood.

Stories of Christian Persecution | Eritrea

Video about Helen Berhane, a christian woman who was locked in a metal shipping container in Erirtea for two and half years, for sharing the gospel of Christ.

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