My First Mission

Associated Locations:

  • Hawaii

Associated Dates:

  • 1879, Published

Author: George Q. Cannon
Length: approx. 66 pgs.


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John Taylor. It was my chief delight in those days to listen to him and other Elders relate their experiences as missionaries. Such conversations were very fascinating to me. They made a deep impression upon me. The days of which they spoke were days of poverty when Elders traveled without purse or scrip among strange people who were ignorant of the principles, and too many of them were ready to mob and persecute. They traveled by faith, and were pioneers for the Lord in strange lands, and He was their only reliance. Their missions were rich in instances of His power in their behalf. What I heard strengthened my faith and increased the desire in my heart to be a missionary. No calling was so noble in my eyes as that of a standard-bearer of the gospel.
“The thought which prompts me to publish “My First Mission” is that perhaps it may have the effect upon some of the youth of Zion that the recitals of faithful Elders had upon me.”
This was the first book of the FAITH-PROMOTING SERIES and is full of experiences from President Cannon’s mission to Hawaii during the years 1850 to 1853.  (description taken from Archive Publishers)
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