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Director Scott Haze chronicles the remarkable life of Charles Mully. A man revered as “Father to the Fatherless,” Mully is a one time Kenyan business tycoon turned founder of Mully Children’s Family, the largest children’s rescue, rehabilitation and development organization in Africa. (Description by IMDB)

Runtime: 1h 21min

Release: 2015

Cast: Charles Mully, Esther Mully, Isaac Mulli

Director: Scott Haze

Writer: Scott Haze

2 thoughts to “Mully (2015)

  • Cochran Family

    We love Mully!!! I cry every time I watch this movie. He is inspiring. At the end when you get to see all that God has blessed him with because of his decision to consecrate everything to the Lord– is one of the best and neatest scenes of the movie.

  • Sorena Marble

    This movie was very inspiring. I realize how much more I should give and that I need to be looking for places to serve. Mully gave everything to help others. I love that he worked his way to the top and was a very successful business man, but he knew it wasn’t what would make him truly happy. I loved his story about his service to the orphans in Kenya. He gave everything up to serve the least of these. It was amazing to me how the Lord worked through him and also how He provided for him as he took care of all of the children. I love that they all call him Papa Mully. I want to be more like him.


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