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There comes a time when every young man must sever the ties of home to seek his way in the world. For 17-year-old Will Wright, the point of departure comes with the crack of a bat as he makes the cut at Newton Mill. But it’s not going to be an easy road. During the late 1920s in South Carolina, “town folk” rarely set foot on “mill hill.” Young Will has no problem breaking with tradition but his traditionalist father, Ezekiel Wright, explicitly forbids it. Yet Will feels the call to play ball so deep that he leaves home against his father’s wishes and becomes the first “townie” ever to play for Newton. Golden dreams of a baseball career seem within his grasp-if only he can catch the eye of a minor league scout at the league championship. (Description by IMDB)

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Runtime: 2h 15min

Release: 2011

Cast: Thomas Sneed, Rebecca Kaser, Ben Ascher

Director: Tim Rogers

Writer: David Burke

One thought to “Milltown Pride (2011)”

  • Cochran Family

    Milltown Pride is a great movie about redemption and about being truly converted to Jesus Christ. Although it is quite cheesy, the message is really key. It shows that knowledge about scriptural things doesn’t always mean that you have your heart changed, but once the heart is changed you become a new being. The key is to give your heart to Christ.


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