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2 thoughts to ““Millions Shall Know Brother Joseph Again” (Jayson Kunzler BYU-I Devotional)

  • Lick Skillets

    This devotional is great! Everything said is fully backed up by scriptures and church doctrine. It is a great awakening to Joseph Smith’s situation and how he is being attacked. This devotional has much deep doctrine and scripture to study and to go deeper with and it is greatly filled with the spirit. D.G

    I like the devotional because it talks about D&C 109 and the Best Books which I am learning about at school. It also talks about who Joseph is how we will see him again. This devotional is good for people when they want to learn more about Joseph Smith. N.S

    “I loved this devotional because it simply has a power about it that cuts through to the truth.” S.S
    “You can feel the spirit very strongly when you truly listen. I love the truth that is spoke in this Devotional and honestly when truth is changed to protect feelings it turns into a lie.” K.N

    “Do you believe that the Joseph Smith History is true? Do you want to be a defender? Well I got a treat for you! This devotional talks about how without the correct Joseph Smith history the scriptures cannot be complete or correct! Jayson Kunzler goes into detail on how the Joseph Smith History is true and explains why. The one thing I appreciate about Jayson is every point he brings up he backs it up with evidence. I would definitely recommend watching this devotional if you wanna be a defender of Joseph Smith.” M.Y

    “I know you can’t have a testimony unless there is some Joseph Smith in there. I think it is so sad how people think different of Joseph Smith. There is some evidence of Joseph Smith I mean look at the Book of Mormon! I know if we follow God and the Prophets we can return to the Kingdom of God. This is a wonderful talk on Joseph Smith. Jayson Kunzler, thank you!” H.J

    “This is one of the most amazing testimonies of Joseph Smith I have hear. I love the sacred doctrines he taught if one was listening, I love all the quotes and references, the humility as he speaks of the significant of this prophet. If one truly listens, one will learn everything they need to know to usher in the second coming of our savior, and prepare for Joseph and Hyrum’s return also.” J.S

  • Christopher Aaron

    Some additional testimonies of early members about the Prophet:

    John Needham
    John Needham, Early Member of the Church

    “Joseph Smith is a great man, a man of principle, a straight forward man; no saintish long-faced fellow, but quite the reverse. Indeed some stumble because he is such a straight forward, plain spoken, cheerful man, but that makes me love him the more. . . . I have seen and been in the company of Joseph, and heard him speak several times. I love him, and believe him to be a Prophet of God, and called to do a great work in these last days on the earth.”

    Parley P. Pratt
    Parley P. Pratt, Apostle, 1835–1857

    “In short, in him [Joseph] the characters of a Daniel and a Cyrus were wonderfully blended. The gifts, wisdom and devotion of a Daniel were united with the boldness, courage, temperance, perseverance and generosity of a Cyrus. And had he been spared a martyr’s fate till mature manhood and age, he was certainly endued with powers and ability to have revolutionized the world in many respects, and to have transmitted to posterity a name associated with more brilliant and glorious acts than has yet fallen to the lot of mortal. As it is, his works will live to endless ages, and unnumbered millions yet unborn will mention his name with honor, as a noble instrument in the hands of God, who, during his short and youthful career, laid the foundation of that kingdom spoken of by Daniel, the prophet, which should break in pieces all other kingdoms and stand forever.”

    Martin Harris
    Martin Harris, One of the Three Witnesses of the Book of Mormon

    “Do I believe it! Do you see the sun shining! Just as surely as the sun is shining on us and gives us light, and the moon and stars give us light by night, just as surely as the breath of life sustains us, so surely do I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God, chosen of God to open the last dispensation of the fulness of times; so surely do I know that the Book of Mormon was divinely translated. I saw the plates; I saw the Angel; I heard the voice of God. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. I might as well doubt my own existence as to doubt the divine authenticity of the book of Mormon or the divine calling of Joseph Smith.”

    Sarah DeArmon Pea Rich- Early Member of The Church
    Sarah DeArmon Pea Rich, Early Member of the Church

    “I know, my dear children, that the principles of Mormonism, as it is called, are true. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. How do I know it, you may ask? I know it by hearing him prophesy what was coming, and have lived to see the things prophesied about come to pass. I have seen the sick healed by his administration; and in answer to his prayers, I have seen many miracles performed in this Church, have been nigh unto death myself and have been healed by the power of the priesthood.”

    Eliza R. Snow
    Eliza R. Snow, General Relief Society President, 1866–1887

    “In the cause of truth and righteousness—in all that would benefit his fellow man, his integrity was as firm as the pillars of Heaven. He knew that God had called him to the work, and all powers of earth and hell combined failed either to deter or divert him from his purpose. With the help of God and his brethren, he laid the foundation of the greatest work ever established by man—a work extending not only to all the living, and to all the generations to come, but also to the dead.
    “He boldly and bravely confronted the false traditions, superstitions, religions, bigotry and ignorance of the world—proved himself true to every heaven-revealed principle—true to his brethren and true to God, then sealed his testimony with his blood.”

    Daniel D. McArthur
    Daniel D. McArthur, Early Member of the Church
    “To me he [Joseph Smith] seemed to possess more power and force of character than any ordinary man. I would look upon him when he was with hundreds of other men, then he would appear greater than ever.
    “My testimony is that he was a true Prophet of the living God; and the more I heard his sayings and saw his doings the more I was convinced that he had of a truth seen God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, as also the holy angels of God. I cannot call to mind that I ever had a doubt enter my heart, since I first heard the gospel preached . . . as to his being a true Prophet. It always seemed to me that if I ever did know anything on this earth I surely knew that he was a Prophet.”

    Emmeline B. Wells
    Emmeline B. Wells, General Relief Society President, 1910–1921 (born 1828)
    “In the Prophet Joseph Smith, I believed I recognized the great spiritual power that brought joy and comfort to the Saints. . . .
    “He was beyond my comprehension. The power of God rested upon him to such a degree that on many occasions he seemed transfigured. His expression was mild and almost childlike in repose; and when addressing the people, who loved him it seemed to adoration, the glory of his countenance was beyond description. At other times the great power of his manner, more than of his voice (which was sublimely eloquent to me) seemed to shake the place on which we stood and penetrate the inmost soul of his hearers, and I am sure that then they would have laid down their lives to defend him. I always listened spell-bound to his every utterance—the chosen of God in this last dispensation.”


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