Leaves from my Journal

Associated Dates:

  • 1882, Published

Author: Wilford Woodruff

Length: approx. 96 pgs.


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Written by President Wilford Woodruff, perhaps the Church’s most successful missionary and leader during troubled times, these journal entries cover a combination of inspiration and tribulation unknown to most Latter-day Saints. The Preface to this book of the FAITH-PROMOTING SERIES reads:

“Certainly no man living has been more particular about recording with his own hand, in a daily journal, during half a century, the events in his own career and the things that have come under his observation. His elaborate journal has always been one of the principal sources from which the Church history has been compiled.

“The adventures, accidents and hair-breadth escapes that he has met with, are scarcely equalled by that former apostle, Paul, has left of his life.

“The power of God has been manifested in a most remarkable manner in preserving Brother Woodruff’s life. Considering the number of bones he has broken, and other bodily injuries he has received, it is certainly wonderful that now, at the age of seventy-four years, he is such a sound, well-preserved man.”  (description taken from Archive Publishers)

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