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Karol: The Pope, The Man is a 2006 TV miniseries chronicling Pope John Paul II’s life as pope in flashbacks from October 22, 1978’s papal inauguration to his death in 2005 and was directed by Giacomo Battiato. It is the sequel to the 2005 TV miniseries Karol: A Man Who Became Pope, which portrayed John Paul’s life before the papacy and ended on October 16, 1978, the day of his papal election. (Description by Wikipedia)

Runtime: 2 h 35 min

Release: 2006

Cast: Piotr Adamczyk, Dariusz Kwasnik, Michele Placido

Director: Giacomo Battiato, Gianfranco Svidercoschi

Writer: Giacomo Battiato

One thought to “Karol: The Pope, The Man (2006)”

  • Cochran Family

    This is the second part of Karol’s life, his life as Pope, it shows how he struggles with the decisions required of a religious leader in the world. He will not back down to communism, and spends his time fighting to guarantee religious freedom for everyone in the world.


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