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Raising the Bar
Guardians of an Altar

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William Taylor

Never in all my life have I seen anything more beautiful than the striking example of brotherly love and devotion felt for each other by Joseph and Hyrum. I witnessed this many times. No matter how often, or when or where they met, it was always with the same expression of supreme joy. It could not have been otherwise, when both were filled to overflowing with the gift and power of the Holy Ghost! It was kindred spirits meeting! 1

Joseph Fielding

On Monday morning, Joseph, his brother Hyrum, Willard Richards, John Taylor, the only two of the Twelve at home, with several others, started for Carthage, of course with solemn feelings, and it appears that Joseph in particular anticipated the fatal result in part, but said he wished at any rate that Hyrum might be saved to stand in his place. He expressed himself to this effect, that he should die for this people, and if so, he should be murdered in cold blood. Sometime before they reached Carthage, they met a company of men with orders from the governor of the state to take our public arms, i.e., the arms belonging to the state. The captain of this company was polite and friendly and gave the strongest assurances of their safety and it was agreed upon that the brethren return with them to Nauvoo. 2

  1. Young Woman’s Journal, XVII, (December 1906), pp. 547-548.
  2. Diary of Joseph Fielding, 1797-1863

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