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Joseph Smith

History of the Church

Wednesday, March 16. –I was with the Masonic Lodge and rose to the sublime degree. 1

Joseph Fielding

Many have joined the Masonic institution. This seems to have been a stepping stone or preparation for something else, the true origin of Masonry. This I have also seen and rejoice in it. This winter there was much preaching through the city, much said on the subject of the coming or spirit of Elijah. There has been great light poured out upon the Saints of late, and a great spirit of hearing. I have been called to preach several times and felt much of the spirit. In general I have felt well, increasing in light and knowledge and also in joy, having the good will and confidence of my brethren and feeling myself to be one with them. In these things I feel myself blessed and honored.

. . .

As to me, I have evidence enough that Joseph is not fallen. I have seen him after giving as I before said, the origin of Masonry, organize the kingdom of God on the earth and am myself a member of it. In this I feel myself highly honored but I feel grieved that at this time of the greatest light and the greatest glory and honor, men of so much knowledge and understanding should cut themselves off. 2

  1. History of the Church, Vol. 4 pg. 552
  2. Diary of Joseph Fielding, 1797-1863
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