Joseph Knew, Book of Mormon Evidence Series Disk 2

Overall Summary

The definitive 5 DVD disk series by Rod L. Meldrum, Book of Mormon Evidence,  includes 9+ hours of presentations, interviews and on location video. Many years of intensive research, filming and editing brings you the most compelling evidence in support of the Book of Mormon in North America ever assembled.

Joseph Knew is the research of Rod L. Meldrum. It is disk 2 of the comprehensive Book of Mormon Evidence series of 5 DVD’s totaling over 9 hours of instruction.

Part 1 summary

Introduction by Joseph Smith epoch historian Kay Godfrey. Joseph Smith’s knowledge of Book of Mormon geography from the Wentworth Letter and American Revivalist Accounts.

Part 2 summary

The Zelph accounts, Charles Allen research, Joseph’s letter to Emma, Introduction to the Hopewell, The Hill Cumorah is in New York.

Part 3 summary

How many Hill Cumorah’s are there? Origins of Central America theories. Grand Ruins of Mesoamerica, would they have been Nephite? Stephen’s book, Incidents of Travel in Central America’s popularity. Would God’s people have built grand structures?

Part 4 summary

The Times and Seasons accounts. Did Joseph Smith deny or renounce his earlier revelations? No! Joseph was in hiding at the time of these Times and Seasons articles.

Part 5 summary

The John Bernhisel letter from Joseph Smith and the Bernhisel Manuscript. LDS scholars on Joseph Smith’s lack of knowledge. Joseph Knew!

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