John Eliot

John Eliot
Born 1604, Widford, Hertfordshire, England
Died May 21, 1690
Spouse Hanna Mumford
Father Bennett Eliot

John Eliot was a Puritan missionary to the Native American Indians.  In addition to publishing the first book in British North America (Bay Psalm Book), he also translated the Bible into the Massachusett language.

Assosiated events:

  • 1663 – Eliot finishes publishing Algonquin Bible translation

Ezekiel 37

Samuel Sewall in a letter to Sir William  Ashurst wrote regarding an observation of John Eliot.  This observation is of particular interest to Latter-day Saints.

“In the Year 1649. Mr. Downam gave his Conjecture to that purpose, in his Appendix to New English Letters then printed. And Mr. Thorowgood was so far satisfied in his Opinion about it, that he published a Treatise in the Year 1650. entitled Jews in America. And it should seem, many judicious Divines have been much of the same mind. Mr. Eliot in his first Attempts to make them Christian, was much concerned to find out some Promise in the Scriptures relating to them, upon which he might ground his Faith and Hope in his incessant Labors for them: But afterward he concluded that the Thirty seventh chapter of Ezekiel was written principally for their sake;”

Ezekiel 37 LDS Chapter Heading

Israel will inherit the land in the Resurrection—The stick of Judah (the Bible) and the stick of Joseph (the Book of Mormon) will become one in the Lord’s hand—The children of Israel will be gathered and cleansed—David (the Messiah) will reign over them—They will receive the everlasting gospel covenant.










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