Into the Amazon

Uncover seven mysteries of the Amazon, and learn about science and God’s incredible creation in Vision Forum’s new DVD series, Into the Amazon: One Lost World, Thirty Men, Seven Mysteries.

Join Doug Phillips and his team of thirty men on an adventure you will never forget — to the Amazon jungle, high into the Andes Mountains, and to the Great Peruvian Desert — and bring your entire family! Explore piranha-infested rivers and vampire bat caves, discover strange insects and fascinating plant life, fly over the strange Nazca lines, and encounter the remains of pagan civilizations that continue to negatively influence modern cultures. Together your family will discover why the Amazon is one of the most controversial places on earth, and your children will learn the truth in the battle between radical environmentalism and biblical Christianity.

By watching these seven exciting jungle, mountain, and desert adventures, your family will learn why wise dominion and stewardship for the glory of God are the proper response to the spirit of evolutionism and pantheism that is crippling man’s approach to the world’s resources.

Here are the seven episodes/mysteries from Into the Amazon:

  • Episode 1: The Mystery of the Meaning of the Amazon
  • Episode 2: The Mystery of the Lost Legacy of Adventure & Dominion
  • Episode 3: The Mystery of the Strange Creatures of the Amazon
  • Episode 4: The Mystery of the Plants of the Amazon
  • Episode 5: The Mystery of the Lost Tribes
  • Episode 6: The Mystery of the Ica Stones & the Great Peruvian Desert
  • Episode 7: The Mystery of Machu Picchu and the Mighty Inca Empire
  • Over 300 minutes on 4 DVDs, including a bonus disc.

The Mystery of the Strange Creatures of the Amazon – Trailer

The Mystery of the Plants of the Amazon – Trailer

Join the Into the Amazon Expedition – Trailer

The Mystery of the Lost Tribes – Trailer

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