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History File The Cold War: Hungary 1956

BBC History File documentary on the Hungarian Uprising of 1956.

2 thoughts to “History File: The Cold War – Hungary 1956

  • Rose

    If you have not seen this film yet I would seriously recommend it and here is why. First of all the film is a real eye-opener and it gives a clear perspective on The Cold War. I loved the way they told the story in the two-sided form of the boy and the girl telling the story and showing the story as it was happening. The way this film presents the war is clear and understandable so that we can really know what it was like for those poor people living under Communism. Watch it and you will see the war in a different light. It is definitely worth the time.

  • Bethany

    This was an amazing film! I’ve always been fascinated with world war 2 and the cold war, and I quite enjoy documentaries about them. This film is now right up there with my favorite documentaries, 1) because it is accurate, 2) because it was split into parts that made the story understandable, and 3) because it was captivating, this film had my full attention throughout its durration. All in all, this film is amazing, and I would highly recommend watching it if you have not already.


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