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Disclaimer: The mission of the Joseph Smith Forum E-bookz Reader is to provide the very best books in an easy, readable format online. However, some books are still under review. This book has not been reviewed by the Joseph Smith Foundation.

Associated Dates:

  • 1884, Published

Authors: Emmeline B. Wells, President Joseph F. Smith
Length: approx. 96 pgs.


PDF (4.8 M)

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Full Text (129.7 K)

DjVu (3.1 M)


“The remarkable events here recorded are worthy of perusal and remembrance by all the youth among this people, as they will tend to strengthen faith in and love for the gospel for which noble men and women have suffered so much. The names too, of such heroines as these, the sketches of whose lives we herewith give, should be held in honorable remembrance among this people for no age or nation can present us with more illustrious examples of female faith, heroism and devotion.” (Preface)

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