Interview on Helen Mar Kimball: Tough questions, lost women’s history, unexpected surprises, & more!

What does the history of the early Latter-day Saint women have to offer? Why is Helen Mar Kimball’s testimony and experience relevant? 

In this recent interview with Hannah Stoddard, she shares behind-the-scenes experiences while writing Joseph Smith’s Plural Wives, Volume 1: Helen Mar Kimball, as well as a discussion on the importance of women in Latter-day Saint history, the relevance of Helen Mar Kimball’s story today, and more! 

Why did you start with Helen Mar Kimball, out of all Joseph Smith’s wives?

What about her story or testimony surprised you the most?

In what ways did working on the book strengthen your testimony?

What was it like working on the project throughout your father’s illness?

Were there any issues that were hard to address in the book? Hard questions? How did you resolve them?

How did studying Helen’s life and writings change your perspective on plural marriage?

Was there anything about Helen’s life that inspired you to make changes in your own personal life?

How did working on the book strengthen your relationships with those who were also working on it with you?

Which wife do you think you’ll do next?

And more!

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