Harry’s War (1981)

Harry’s War is the comedy/drama about a man who had finally had enough. Harry Johnson (a quiet, obedient postman played by Edward Herrmann) handles his tax problems like any sane patriotic American…he declares war on the Internal Revenue Service. It isn’t for hate of paying taxes, but love of and defense for his “Aunt” Beverly (played by 1986 Oscar Winner Geraldine Page), who is being unjustly harassed by the IRS.

Harry’s defensive spirit refuses to be broken. The hilarious antics that Harry chooses to fight the huge bureaucracy of government becomes an effective weapon with the powerful American T.V. media and his courage becomes an additional means for bringing his family back together. Harry’s War ends with a dramatic climax you won’t soon forget. (Summary by LDSFilm.com)

Clip: “I have something to say!”

Clip: Finale

Runtime: 98 min

Release: 1981

Cast: Edward Herrmann, Geraldine Page, Karen Grassle

Director: Keith Merrill

Writer: Keith Merrill

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