Hannah More

Hannah More
Born February 2, 1745(1745-02-02)
Fishponds, Bristol, United Kingdom
Died September 7, 1833(1833-09-07) (aged 88)
Clifton, Bristol, United Kingdom
Resting place Wrington, Somerset
Known for Poetry
Father Jacob More

Hannah More is one of the eminent spirits who appeared to President Wilford Woodruff in the St. George Temple (Latter-day Saint, LDS) on August 21, 1877. This interesting story is detailed in the Eminent Spirits Appear to Wilford Woodruff wiki.

Character Traits

“Her name is, indeed, so linked with the past as to seem to belong to a remote generation; for when I knew her, in 1825, she had reached the patriarchal age of fourscore, and her talk was of the historic men and women who had been her associates: Samuel Johnson, Edmund Burke, David Carrickck; Bishops Porteus, Percy, Newton, and Watson; Mackenzie, Boswell, Sir William Jones, Southey, Chalmers, Wilberforce, Gibbon, De Loime, John Locke, Magee, Mrs. Montague, and many others, — famous men and women of her time, who honoured and loved her, as “a pure and humble, yet zealous philanthropist.” Her writings were admired by them all ”by the religious and the sceptic, by the philosopher and the frivolous worldling; all found in them something to admire, and nothing to condemn; for her charity was universal. They were comprehended alike by the sagacious and the simple; were read and respected equally by the greatly learned and comparatively ignorant.” 1


  1. Hall, S. C. A Book of Memories of Great Men and Women of the Age from Personal Acquaintance. Third edition. London: J. S. Virtue, n.d. pp. 66-80.
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