Guardians of an Altar: Halloween – October 23, 2015

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Recording from October 23, 2015 discussion. Guardians of an Altar discusses the true nature of Halloween and the duty we have as Christians with access to the Priesthood, to combat the literal forces of Lucifer. This life is a battleground, NOT a playground. This sobering topic cannot be discussed in fear, discouragement or intimidation. We must remember that the Lord’s power is greater than even the overwhelming strength of satanic forces.

Halloween: Trick or Treat

This film exposes the current events and rituals that occur leading up to and on Halloween. NOTE: If you are in your younger teens, you may want your parents to preview the video first and decide whether they would like you to watch the film or just discuss the content with you.

Satan & the Occult FAQ compilation of statements from Presidents of the Church

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Complimentary resources for additional study

(Note: These are optional and included for those who want to explore the topic further.)

Excerpts from Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith: Joseph Smith on Discerning Spirits

Satanists and the Occult Desecrate Holy Symbols

Good Fight Ministries Expos’e: Harry Potter


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