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A Russian teen escapes his country due to religious persecution only to find the same in the USA.

At 17 Peter Smyslov performs a daring escape out of the Soviet Union that frees him from the religious persecution that still imprisons his family. Eventually, Peter fulfills his dream of living in the United States, and begins the amusing struggle of adapting to the lifestyle of his new American host family, the McBrides.

Peter learns some tough lessons about being a Christian in America when he experiences persecution instead of freedom at his new high school, and compromise instead of the convictions for the Christians he meets. This is an excellent film with a challenging message for all age groups.

3 thoughts to “Gold Through the Fire (1987)

  • Cochran Family

    Wow, wow, wow, we enjoyed this one! The quality is poor but that’s just because of when it was made, and some scenes could have been developed a bit more, but seriously we liked this a lot. It caused us to stop and think about our Christianity and what kind of God or gods we’re serving. Is it possible to serve and love Jesus Christ while loving and serving Babylon?

  • Alexis

    Me and my little kids enjoyed this one. It was a big topic but presented in a way that made it easy to watch and enjoy with little people. I loved watching the effect peer pressure and entertainment had on this strong youth who had been to prison for being a Christian in his home country, but came to the West and was lost trying to gain money and popularity. My favorite part of this movie was when he said to the younger boy that the boy was a secret unbeliever, and he had only ever known secret Christians. That privilege we enjoy in this country that allows us to be “secret unbelievers” among our Christian friends and neighbors is really mind blowing. We really have no idea what it is like to be persecuted for our faith, and we take for granted what we have. We have the ability to portray ourselves as Christians even if we are not converted! People in other countries are dying because they claim to be Christian, and yet they claim it anyway. That is just amazing.

  • John shaggy

    Jesus Christ will away love you ❤. Keep fighting for your Christian beliefs don’t let people make fun of you stand up to them and tell them about the change that Jesus Christ did for you. Amen


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