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A faith-based feature about a public school teacher fighting against angry parents who are insisting on the separation of church and state and pushing for the end of the school’s Bible club. Everything changes, however, when the parents witness their own children find faith and be “saved.”



Runtime: 89 min

Release: 2015

Cast: Stephen Baldwin, Corbin Bernsen, Lorenzo Lamas

Director: Jared Cohn

Writer: John Chadwell

3 thoughts to “God’s Club (2015)

  • Julie Hatch

    It’s amazing how God’s word can change lives, and transform individuals and families! This movie teaches us to stand firm when the adversary is doing everything in his power to deceive and destroy. It is a good movie to watch with the family.

  • Sorena Marble

    When Michael Even’s wife dies, he decides to bring her club back to the school where he is a teacher. He is met with a lot of opposition. Many of the parents do not want a religious club at their school. Michael’s daughter supports him and tells him not to give up. With her encouragement he continues to persevere. He puts his career, and friendships on the line. He has a lot of faith and trust in God. One of the characters, Victor, struggles with depression, and is searching for answers. This movie is very sad to me because people struggle a lot with a lot of different things. We have, as a society, tried to remove God from everything, especially school. We need God, we need to get back to Him. I enjoyed this movie, even though it had some holes in it.

  • Alexis

    I did not relate to this one, but I do see good things to learn if it is something you can relate to. I liked that the father and daughter worked together on the bible club. It was also interesting to watch the effect that the word had on people’s lives. I do think that the way to help kid’s through the hard things they are facing is to get them into the scriptures and show them how they are applicable to their lives.


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