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The For Our Day documentary series explores the prophetic parallels in the Book of Mormon referencing statements from latter-day prophets of God and the Standard Works. For Our Day: Divinely Sanctioned Governments compares the Nephite and Latter-day governments of liberty.

Disc includes two documentaries:

Part I: Foundations (45 min) 

Laws of Mosiah, Unalienable Rights, Bible, Federalism, Christian Architecture, Israel, Title of Liberty, Checks and Balances, U.S. Seal and historical revisionism.

Part II: Forsaking (45 min)

New Deal, Socialism, Oath of Office, Washington’s Oath, Divine Constitution, Nephite Judges, Broken Covenants.

2 thoughts to “For Our Day: Divinely Sanctioned Governments (2013)

  • London

    I just watched this documentary and I’d give it four stars. It was well thought out, documented, and researched. If someone is thinking that the Book of Mormon isn’t teaching them anything and that it’s too hard to understand, they could watch this movie and see the parallels between modern day America and ancient American Civilizations. This movie really helped me understand how important it is for me to read the Book of Mormon and how we can keep America under God’s covenant.

  • Joe

    The Lord has made America a Christian land. Our last president announced that this place, America, is not and we will not be religious based. The monuments have proof that this is a Christian country and that it is founded upon God. Our national anthem and pledge to the flag has words relating to Christianity. Our nations code is “In God We Trust.”


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