Father to Son

Fathers need to begin speaking to their sons. But the conversation can’t be aimless or trivial. Fathers need to talk in manly and specific ways about the duties of Christian manhood. This six-part DVD series is designed to provide fathers and future fathers with simple examples of manly discussion. Where does a dad begin? With the pressing issues that weigh on young minds, these informal, unrehearsed conversations between Geoffrey Botkin and his five sons show how it can be done.


“Today’s fathers inherited a legacy of silence from their dads. This must not be passed on even one more generation. Courageous fathers can start talking, right now, and change history forever.” — Geoffrey Botkin

Each episode tackles an age appropriate discipline of manhood and how it is developed with fathers. Sons learn the disciplines of manhood through hard work. Fathers interpret the world for sons through shared adventures. Sons learn leadership duties through worship. Sons learn to conquer the world by dominion and to hold the ground they take through spiritual battle. Each rich conversation is broken into short study segments, and thorough Bible-study notes are provided as PDFs which can jump-start family or Bible-study discussions. Also included is the sixth bonus DVD: How To Talk to Your Sons.

“I’d like to prescribe this series for every father in America. Fathers desperately need to turn their hearts to their sons. This series will give them confidence to do it.” — D. Matthew Clark, M.D.

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