Evidence for North American destruction at the death of Christ

Paleoseismologist Martitia Tuttle has been investigating the New Madrid seismic zone and has made a profound discovery. It had been previously thought that events such as 1811-1812 happened only once every 10,000 years or longer. Using ground penetrating radar she finds direct evidence that such events are much more common than previously expected by seismologists. She finds Native American artifacts in the soil in what is known as an occupation horizon which is below the 1811-1812 sand blow horizon at this location. She estimates that a similar event occurs about every 300-500 years in this area based on her research. The closest event she has found at this site to the time of Christ is estimated at around 300 AD, but could very well have been earlier. The documentary is available from the bookstore at www.BookofMormonEvidence.org

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