Elizabeth Davis

Elizabeth Davis was a plural wife of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

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Born: March 11, 1791

Died: December 14, 1892

Sealed (Joseph Smith): Unknown

Married (Jabez Durfee): March 3, 1834, Clay County, Missouri.

Married: June 28th, 1812

Full Name: Elizabeth Davis Smith

Emily Partridge (plural wife of Joseph Smith)

Mrs. Durfee invited my sister Eliza and I to her house to spend the afternoon. She introduced the subject of spiritual wives as they called them in that day. She wondered if there was any truth in this report she heard. I thought I could tell her something that would make her open her yes if I chose, but I did not choose to. I kept my own counsel and said nothing. 1

Mrs. [Elizabeth Davis] Durfee came to me one day and said Joseph would like an opportunity to talk with me. I asked her if she knew what he wanted. She said she thought he wanted me for a wife. I was thoroughly prepared for almost anything. I was to meet him in the evening at Brother Kimball’s.

  • Elizabeth Davis’ name was added to Andrew Jenson’s list personally by Eliza R. Snow.2
  • Elizabeth Davis accompanied Eliza R. Snow, Sarah Ann Whitney, and Elvira A. Cowles to visit Malissa Lot on June 29, 1843.3
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  2. Eliza R. Snow, “First list of wives,” Document #1,, Andrew Jenson Papers, MS 17956, Box 49, fd. 16.
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