George Washington as a Christian

Peter Lillback shares the case for George Washington’s faith as a follower of Christ.

Disclaimer: Note: Dr. Peter Lillback refers to Thomas Jefferson as a soft deist. Thomas Jefferson was NOT a soft deist by any stretch. For more information, please watch “David Barton on Thomas Jefferson” or read the book, The Jefferson Lies.

Bulletproof George Washington ⁠— Tim Barton

Tim Barton tells the amazing story of God’s protection on George Washington during the French and Indian War. For more information visit

George Washington’s Christian Faith ⁠— David Barton

Defamation of George Washington ⁠— David Barton

Dave Barton from explains how George Washington has been defamed and the implications of this for today.

George Washington⁠—a Deist? ⁠— David Barton

Dave Barton from shows how George Washington was a Christian rather than a deist.

George Washington⁠ and the Bible — Peter Lillback

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