Doctrines of Salvation

Author: Joseph Fielding Smith

Length: approx. 691 pgs. (Ebook version)




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Doctrines of Salvation, Volume 1-3, is an authoritative work, written by the most outstanding scholar of the gospel in the Church containing a wealth of explanations about a vast array of gospel topics, many of which can not be found in other sources. Add an authoritative source on issues frequently discussed today: What was the nature of our life in the pre-existence and what was it’s purpose? What is the true story of creation? What is the age of the earth? Can the theory of evolution harmonize with the Gospel? What is the role of Adam in the plan of salvation? How does the fall of the first man affects our salvation? What are the requirements of the Divine Law of Witnesses? Why are there always two people present when the Priesthood and it’s keys were restored? Why were two martyrs slain in this dispensation? What is the difference between the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of God? How can one distinguish between true and false revelation?

Explore these fascinating topics, plus many more, from the writings of Joseph Fielding Smith compiled by Elder Bruce R. McConkie.

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