Joseph Smith Jr. Blessing (September 14, 1840)

As recorded by Lucy Mack Smith, mother of the Prophet Joseph Smith:

my husband commenced vomitting blood. I sent immediately for Joseph and Hyrum; who as soon as they came, gave him something to alleviate his distress. This was saturday night. The next morning Joseph came in and told his father, that he should not be troubled any more for the present with the Missourians: “and,” said he, “I can now stay with you as much as you wish.”

. . .  [Joseph Smith Sr.] addressed himself to me: “Mother, do you not know, that you are the mother of as great a family as ever lived upon the Earth. The world loves its own, but it does not love us— it hates us because we are not of the world; therefore all their malice is poured out upon us, and they seek to take away our lives. When I look upon my Children and realize that, although they were raised up to do the Lord’s work, yet they must pass through scenes of trouble and affliction as long as they live upon the Earth, my heart is pained and I dread to leave them so surrounded by enemies.

. . . To Joseph he said: Joseph, my son; thou art called to an high and holy calling— thou art even called to do the work of the Lord— hold out faithful and you shall be blessed, and your children after you— you shall even live to finish your work.” -[At this Joseph cried out, weeping “Oh my father will I]- “Yes, said his father, “you shall live to lay out the plan of all the work which, which God has given you to do. This is my dying blessing on your head in the name of Jesus— I also confirm your former blessings upon your head; for it shall be fulfilled, even so. Amen. (Lucy Mack Smith, History, 1845, pg. 296-98)

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