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A cloak & dagger adventure about the Federal Reserve and the international financial conspiracy that threatens the world. Three heroic college students uncover the plot…and risk their lives to expose the secret syndicate. (Description by IMDB) 


Runtime: 102 min

Release: 2014

Cast: Taylor Lindsey, Ellen Lawrence, Nicholas Willeke

Director: Daniel Knudsen

Writer: Mark A. Knudsen

3 thoughts to “Creed of Gold (2014)

  • Alexis

    I had a totally different expectation of this movie. I knew it was about the federal reserve bank and thought it would more focused on the corruption at high levels. But was surprised at how applicable the message was, and how much it taught me. The message of this movie is that if life is just a game then who makes the rules, anyone can make the rules depedning on whose game you are trying to play. The take away is that this is God’s world, therefore He makes the rules. We might win someone else game by playing their rules but at the end of the day its God ‘s rules that matter. And there will always be justice for what we do here, even id that justice is delayed until later.


    When Adam Smith was heading off to college, his mom explained the reasons behind his father’s passing. Adam has a lot of strength and courage. He decides to explore the death of his father. He recruited his roommate, Cody and his partner in his class, Kirsten. The three of them started following clues. They found a lot of discrepancies with the Federal Reserve and the way they ran their books. When Adam, Cody and Kirsten started being followed they really knew they were on to something.

    I enjoyed this film, it was just suspenseful enough for me. I don’t like scary movies, but I do like suspense. I was rooting them on and hoping for their safety. I was impressed with their determination and desire to know the truth. They were also very smart and used their individual talents to accomplish all the tasks before them, they worked well together. I would recommend this movie to people that like a good story with a little suspense that keeps you on your toes.

  • Cochran Family

    Cheesy, cheesy acting. It wasn’t my very favorite movie, just personal preference. But the message that they were trying to layout here was that there is an absolute Authority, who has absolute rules that cannot be rewritten. So the message and the storyline was thought provoking!


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