Can you pass the “test of discipleship”?

Earlier this afternoon, I read a stirring testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith that I have read many times before.  However, there was something different today.

[Joseph Smith] was a man of such spiritual stature that he reflected the image of the Lord Jesus to the people. His voice was the voice of the Lord. . . . The test of discipleship is how totally and completely and fully we believe the word that was revealed through Joseph Smith, and how effectively we echo or proclaim that word to the world. (Bruce R. McConkie)

Today, I’m not sure why, but the last phrase hit me over the head like a ton of bricks.  I haven’t been able to shake that thought from my mind since.

“The test of discipleship is . . . how effectively we echo or proclaim [Joseph Smith’s] word to the world.”


How are we doing on this test of discipleship? This is our test, part of our criteria for determining our own righteousness. Perhaps I was struck with such force because earlier today I heard someone marvel over how much Joseph Smith accomplished during his short life.  In the space of 38 short years, Joseph Smith accomplished more than any other man save Jesus Christ.  He built temples, he founded cities, he was imprisoned for his testimony, he translated ancient records, and the list goes on!  He was constantly persecuted and yet . . . he passed the test of discipleship.

We are three weeks into a new year and I know many who committed at the beginning of the year to pour all of our energy into building the Kingdom.  We committed to do more!  We committed to change, to be clean and to allow the Lord to use us as instruments for His work.

I’ve seen many miracles since that time but . . . yes, we can do more!

We all are striving to believe and follow Joseph Smith’s words, but how effective are we RIGHT NOW in echoing that message?

What can we change to be more effective?

It’s not about whether we are doing good, but are we doing good the way the Lord desires?

Is the work I am doing effective?

How can I accomplish more?

Lord, I am willing, what do you want me to change?

None of us are perfect disciples but by joining together with united faith and prayer we can strengthen each other. The Lord wants His work to be done.  We are the only ones holding ourselves back.

I would like to hear from all of you–how can we be more effective in echoing and proclaiming Joseph Smith’s word to the world? What are the key principles?

Hurrah for Israel!

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